Friday, June 06, 2008

We are all actors and news channels our stage !!

The following post is meant to be a participant in the ongoing
Yellow Journalism
game and shouldn't be taken seriously

There was a time when people use to frequent theaters to watch
stage plays but ever since "Ekta Kapoor" catapulted on the stage
and charmed people into watching her serials things have changed,
changed like never before. It's an Acting/TV renaissance as all
the actors have taken acting more seriously and everyone is
now getting under the skin of the character to show their acting
prowess to the audience.

While this paradigm shift was taking place some amateur actors
who couldn't find work neither in theaters nor in the soaps
thought of teaming up with the near by lala(who apparently
made it big by selling adulterated ) and decided to create
"24 hour hindi news channels" to prove their acting talent
to the world and give a purpose to their otherwise slightly
unrewarding n not so socially responsible lives.

With that started the wave of actors donning the anchor's hat
and presenting oops acting news on camera, not just by modulating
their tones but by changing the backdrops, playing suitable
background scores and wearing costumes to suit the news item
relayed. Don't believe me ? OK have a look the image below
in which the anchors are enacting the "unfamous Gujjar Protests"
for reservations in "Scheduled Tribes" category in their style.

Once again this post is meant to be taken lightly.
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